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On this page, you will find not only the best western gun rigs available anywhere, but some of our chaps and chinks as well.

Gordon was part of the founding of SASS and his love of old west history and gun leather are reflected in the period correct rigs we can build. We can make just about any style of historical holster and belt you might want.

The Andy Anderson gun rigs were made popular by a number of movies and the fast draw craze of the 50’s and  60’s. Gordon spent some time with Andy in his Hollywood Gunfighter Shop and not only learned how the rigs were made, he was allowed to bring the patterns with him to his own shop. We made quite a few of these rigs when Gordon and I worked together. While I never got to meet Andy, I have spent hours studying several of Andy’s original rigs and discovering the genius of his methods. Now I can say that if you want a rig that really matches those that used to come from his shop, you have come to the right place.

Single Action Shooting Society, Cowboy Fast Draw Association, Mounted Shooting sports and field use all have different specific needs. I have enjoyed these sports, either as a participant or an avid spectator. I am a member of SASS and a Life member of CFDA. I can build you a rig that will do the job and have the look you want. I have made many of the favorite movie rigs and offer those as well. They are as exact as I can make them from watching the movies over and over. Magnificent Seven, Once Upon a Time in the West, Tombstone, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Gunsmoke, and even some of the old “B” westerns have provided patterns for customers’ rigs.

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Eastwood Eastwood Auto
High Noon AA
V2 79
81 1891 1882
Slim Jim with accessories Duke Auto
Duke Auto Chinks Chaps
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